Photo: Robert Gustavsson

Words: Pontus Kyander

Per Wizén

Initially, Per Wizén’s works may look like paintings or photographs of paintings. The works of Quattrocento, Uccello, Baroque masters, or in recent years, Tenniel and Disney seem familiar. But the process of production is much more complex than the first glance may hint at.

What we are seeing starts with minute collage work made by hand. Reproductions from art books or magazines have been cut up and laboriously pieced together to form startling new pictures.

This is post-production art history. Based on close observation and analysis of the originals. This may be seductive. But there is nothing pleasantly seductive about the contents of Wizén’s images, fraught with different, violent and troubling relations as they are, and the technique he uses to achieve them resembles that of sampling in much of contemporary music.